Demolition of gasometers for new development

The demolition of the gasholder on St Peter’s waterside took place this week signalling a key step in Northampton’s regeneration. 

Once demolished, the northern gasholder site, which is closest to the St Peters Way roundabout, will be regenerated to form part of St Peter’s Waterside – a major new office scheme.

The southern area of the site is also being prepared for regeneration. This includes a former depot building, which has now been demolished and a second gasholder that is scheduled to be dismantled from late November. The two gasholders will take 16 weeks to demolish in total and will be complete by late spring 2014.  A programme of environmental improvement works on the southern area of the site is also likely to be carried out next summer.

National Grid has submitted a planning application to Northampton Borough Council for outline planning permission to use the southern area of the site for retail development. If permission is granted, National Grid will look for a partner who will develop detailed plans of how the site may one day be used.

Cllr David Mackintosh, Leader of Northampton Borough Council, said “Demolition of the St Peter’s Way gasholder is another real milestone in the Borough’s regeneration, paving the way for new commercial development which will form an important part of Northampton Waterside Enterprise Zone’s offer.”

“These structures hark back to our industrial history but serve no constructive purpose in modern day Northampton. We have also received an application related to the former gasworks site off Towcester Road, development of which must complement our town centre offer while fitting into the wider Enterprise Zone context.”

“It is just one element of our massive programme of renewal which is transforming the face of Northampton, evidence of which can be seen almost everywhere you look.”