Financial deal for Northampton Borough Council to boost services

David Mackintosh MP has welcomed the decentralising local government financial settlement which marks the dawn of long-term financial certainty for councils.

The settlement transforms local government, making Northampton Borough Council more answerable to local people rather than central government.

After listening to the needs of local councils the settlement takes the unprecedented step of giving councils a four-year budget so they can plan for the future.

This will allow the council to plan for the services local people need with confidence. Councils will also receive 100 per cent of business rates by 2020 to invest in the community.

Multi-year financial settlement gives councils the confidence and long-term certainty they need to responsibly plan their future finances, allowing Northampton Borough Council to also make best use of their reserves of 31,879 in the local area.

We are looking after our ageing population so that we are supporting people at every stage of their lives. To support the most vulnerable in Northampton, the settlement prioritises elderly care.

By 2020, £3.5 billion will be available for adult social care, distributed fairly towards local authorities with adult social care responsibilities.

Mr Mackintosh, the Conservative MP for Northampton South, said: “After decades of campaigning this is a historic settlement for local government, giving local councils more power to serve the needs of local people.

“The settlement protects funding available for councils over next four years and prioritises caring for the elderly.

“It also shows the power of devolution, resources have been made available for local councils, and we are in a great position to provide the services local people need and continue to serve the community.”