Figures show increase in reports of animal cruelty

Analysis of RSPCA investigation statistics has suggested that cases of animal cruelty are increasing in Northamptonshire.

In 2015, the RSPCA investigated 1,838 complaints about animal cruelty in the county, with this number increasing to 1,924 complaints last year.

Calls to the RSPCA’s 24-hour cruelty line rose by almost four per cent last year, averaging one call every 27 seconds.

David Mackintosh, MP for Northampton South, said: “The rise in cases of animal cruelty is extremely concerning. Action must be taken to prosecute offenders and send a clear, strong message that this type of abuse has no place in society and simply will not be tolerated.”

An RSPCA spokesman said that while incidents seemed to be increasing that did not necessarily mean a rise in cruelty, claiming people are now less willing to stand by and do nothing if they think an animal is suffering.

She added: “These latest statistics clearly show that animal cruelty remains a major issue in the UK. However, we take satisfaction in knowing that because of the RSPCA’s intervention, we have prevented many more animals from suffering at the hands of those we have investigated and brought before the courts.”